Traynor Amplifiers

Traynor features;

  • Solid all-plywood cabinet construction for outstanding reliability and tone.

  • Quality component selection.

  • Heavy gauge perforated all metal grille with cloth cover to protect speakers.

  • All-metal box chassis to protect electronics components and tubes.

  • All tube audio signal path.

  • Fully regulated power supply with tube rectifier emulation.

  • Dual color power and standby status light.

North American built all-tube Traynor guitar amplifier combos deliver maximum versatility and superior all tube tone.

Careful attention to detail during the design stage and quality component selection during manufacturing ensures years of unmatched reliability and sonic versatility.

Traynor guitar combos are made with a solid plywood cabinet construction. We believe MDF (medium density fiberboard) or particleboard often used by other manufacturers can’t deliver great guitar tone or a long rattle-free life. A full metal grille under our grille cloths protect the Celestion™ speakers. Heavy gauge all-metal box chassis protect electronic components in every model.

Traynor - Featured Products

Traynor – YVC20WR
Single 12 Cab

The Traynor Custom Valve 20WR is perfect for the studio or for any gig where 15 tube watts is more than enough power, but full functionality is required. Unlike competitive amplifiers in this class, the YCV20WR offers the discriminating player two discrete foot-switchable channels with true independent gain and volume controls on each channel. A master three band EQ, effects loop, as well as an internal spring reverb are all standard equipment. Additional controls include bright switch on the clean channel and boost switch on the lead channel.

– Class “A” Cathode bias amplifier.
– DC filaments on preamp tubes eliminate hum.
– Fully regulated power supply with tube rectifier emulation.
– Long spring reverb.
– Classic Celestion G12M “Greenback” speaker.
– Wine Red leatherette finish with oatmeal grille.
– Speaker jack and selectable defeat for disabling the internal speaker.
– D.I. Output for connections straight to the board.
– All plywood enclosure.
– Heavy gauge perforated grille with cloth cover.
– Custom design “Chicken Beak” knobs.

Traynor – YCV40WR
Single 12 Cab

Based on our popular YCV40 model, the YCV40WR is a customized hot-rodded version of Traynor’s best-selling single 12 combo. Featuring a Wine Red leatherette and oatmeal grille, the YCV40WR adds a Celestion™ Vintage 30 speaker for upgraded tone.

– Auto-matching tube circuit maintains bias balance as tubes age ensuring hum free performance throughout tube life.
– DC filaments on preamp tubes eliminate hum.
– Fully regulated power supply with tube rectifier emulation.
– Long Accutronics spring reverb.
– Classic Celestion™ Vintage 30 speaker.
– Wine Red leathertte finish.
– All plywood enclosure.
– Heavy gauge perforated grille with “oatmeal” cover.
– Custom design “Chicken Beak” knobs.

Traynor – YCV50B
Single 12 Cab

The Traynor YCV50B is another variation on our popular YCV 12″ based combos, but this particular amp enjoys getting dirty. Originally released as the YCV50Blue, this recent revamp of the amp is a dark and menacing all-black tolex combo with black grille cloth to boot. Hand selected EL34 power tubes are the key to the YCV50B’s gritty identity, and the tone of the all-tube circuitry is enhance with the addition of a Master Volume and a single Celestion™ Vintage 30 speaker.

– Designed and Built in Canada.
– Hand Selected EL34 (x2) and 12AX7A (x3) Tubes.
– A Single 12-Inch Celestion Vintage30 Speaker for Great Classic Sound and Performance.
– All Plywood Cabinet Construction.
– Separate Tone Controls on Each of the Two Channels (Lead And Clean).
– Fully Regulated Power Supply Ensures Ultra Low Noise with Tube Rectifier Emulation.
– Heavy Gauge Perforated All-Metal Grille Under Grille Cloth.

Traynor – DH15H
Darkhorse Head

The DarkHorse 15H all-tube guitar head is destined to be an instant classic. Fifteen watts of all-tube tone in a sub-compact head and cabinet combination specifically designed with the travelling musician in mind.

– Delivers Full 15 Watts in Higher Power (6V6) Mode.
– Selectable Low Power 2-watt (12AU7) Mode.
– Simple Gain, Bass, Treble & Master Volume Control Set.
– Brit / USA / Pure Switch for the Tone Stack (delivering a Mid Boost and Overall Gain Boost when in Pure mode).
– Uses Hand Selected 12AX7 (x2), 6V6 (x2), and 12AU7 (x1) tubes.
– Versatile Speaker Outputs allow Dark Horse Head to drive 1 x 16-ohm
1 x 8-ohm or 2 x 16-ohm Cabinet Configurations.

Traynor – DH40H
Ironhorse Head

The Traynor IronHorse head is the perfect amp for players who need to take the controlled sound of a low power ‘lunchbox’ amp out of the studio and on to a live stage. Loud enough for almost any venue, the EL34 driven 40-watt all-tube design makes the IronHorse a true tone monster that delivers maximum versatility at club and concert volume.

– Hand Selected 12AU7 (x 1), 12AX7 (x2) and EL34 (x2) Tubes.
– 0db and -6dB Inputs.
– Selectable 4 & 8 ohm Outputs for Varying Cabinet Configurations.
– Operates in Fixed Bias or Cathode Bias Mode.
– Series Effects Loop.
– Simple Gain, Bass, Treble, Master Controls.
– Three Stage Clean/Pure/Solo Mode Switch.
– Accepts Optional Two Button foot switch:
– Switch 1 = activate Pure mode / Switch 2 = activate Solo mode
– All Metal Chassis.
– Made in Canada.

Traynor – YBA300
Bass Amp

300 Watt All-Tube Bass Amp

– Delivers Maximum Power at 2 or 4 ohms.
– Comes Stock with 3 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7 and 12 x 6L6 Tubes.
– 6L6 Power Tubes Can Be Swapped for EL34 Tubes for Different Amp Character.
– Player Friendly Individual bias adjust with indicator LEDs for Output Tubes.
– Tube Lockout for each Pair of Output Tubes removes damaged tubes from signal path allowing amp to continue operation in emergencies).
– Simple and Effective Gain, Bass, Sweep-Mid, Treble and Master Controls.
– Deep, Bright, Resonance Tone Shaping Controls.
– Pre/Post EQ DI Output, Effects loop, Tuner Output.
– High and Low Level Inputs for Active or Passive Basses.
– 1/4-inch and Speakon™ Output Connectors.
– Made In Canada.

Traynor – TC810
Bass Cab

Not for the weak hearted, the biggest bass cabinet Traynor offers is the 1600-Watt TC810. Built to be seen and heard, the TC810 workhorse of the line is for the player who needs to be able to deliver punishing sound pressure levels night after night.

​Innovative user switchable input configuration on the jack-plate allows the TC810 to act as two 8-ohm 4×10 cabinets for bi-amp operation, or as a single 4-ohm 8×10 behemoth capable of handling up to 1600 watts of pure bass.

– Solid plywood Cabinet Construction.
– Switchable Dual 8 Ohm or Mono 4 Ohm Operation.
– Heavy Duty Nubtex Covering.
– All Metal Grilles.
– All-Metal Handles.
– Heavy Duty Wheels and Skid Rails.