Staging 101

Staging 101 accessories include steps, stage skirts, transport storage options, spare parts and more! If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Optional Staging 101 Accessories: 

  • Stage steps.
  • Pleated stage skirts.
  • Guardrails and handrails.
  • Replacement hardware.

Staging 101 accessories include steps, stage skirts, transport storage options, spare parts and more!


Staging 101 accessories include portable stage stairs are available in fixed height models. Or you can choose folding stage stairs that feature built-in wheels allowing you to move them for setup and storage. The metal stage steps feature a non-slip industrial finish and step units also have built-in adjustable rubber feet for minor height adjustments as necessary. Comes with an connection plate to attach the stairs to your Staging 101 stage. We also offer handrails for steps.


We know that under the stage is a popular place for everything from cable runs to case storage to stashing props for a show.

Also, using the skirts from Staging 101 not only keeps the unsightly mess off of the minds of your audience it also creates a boundary that keeps people and litter out while also protecting your cables and connections from curious hands. Our pleated black stage skirting easily attaches to your stage with hook and loop clips.


The Staging 101 transportation trolley is a lightweight and easy solution for storing and transporting your Staging 101 stage panels. It’s made from a lightweight aluminum frame and heavy-duty casters that can be locked in place for loading and unloading stage panels.



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All Staging 101 stage platforms are completely modular. You can also add cool accessories to trick out your stage system such as stairs, guard rails, skirts and chair stops. Stages sections are combined together using special platform to platform mechanisms (included). As an added bonus these platform to platform connectors are removable so your stage can have a smooth outer finish for performer safety and for seamless connection of stage skirting. Staging 101 stage systems are an ideal, versatile, complete stage system designed for use by clubs, bands, schools, government organizations, churches, trade shows and more. Consisting of large, modular 2mtr x 1mtr stage panels, Staging 101 allows you to set up large stages in just minutes. Stages can easily be setup by two individuals.


modular stages connectors

Platform connection hardware comes with each Staging 101 platform.
Platforms include connection hardware for creating both level stages as well as tiered choral risers and stepped stages.

Staging 101 platforms feature height adjustable stage legs. You can choose from 40cm to 60cm, or 60cm to 80cm high models.

modular stages finishes

Stage panels measure 2″ thick when the legs fold underneath.
Also, the top surface of each panel is made of 3/4″ premium plywood.