Staging 101 portable stage systems are ideal for use by clubs, bands, schools, churches and more. 

Staging 101 portable stage products.

Staging 101

Staging 101 Modular Stages.

One of the most versatile, strong and portable stage systems on the market today. It is an easy to use sturdy modular staging system based on a folding leg table design.

Stages can be setup by one or two people, and when not in use they store on one of our transport trolleys.

* Fast and easy assembly!
* Built-in legs for ease of setup and storage.
* Mobile folding stages or modular stages.

mobile folding stage


Height adjustable mobile folding stages. On wheels for easy mobility and storage.

staging 101 stage platform assembled


Staging 101 1mtr x 1mtr or 2mtr x 1mtr stage panels in a range of height options and finishes.



Disability access and equipment ramps to suit our stage systems in a range of configurations.

Evostage pleated black stage skirts


In addition, a full range of steps, stage skirts, guardrails and transport options are available.


This new portable stage on wheels simplifies the process of installing your stage. You simply roll the module in and position it where you want it, fold down the panels and you’re ready to go.

Heavy-duty casters make transport a breeze. When collapsed the stage unit is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways so access around the venue is a cinch. The ideal portable staging for schools, churches, bars and hotels.


One of the most versatile, strong and lightweight portable stage systems on the market today. Our modular stage panels can be used as a permanent stage or a temporary stage.

All Staging 101 platforms are completely modular. You can also add optional stairs, guardrails and chair-stops. Stages can be setup by two or more people, and when not in use they store on one of our transport trolleys.


We offer a full range of wheelchair and equipment ramps to suit our portable staging products.

Our new Quicklock stage ramps work with any of our portable stages. Easy assembly, compact storage and lightweight, but solid construction are what set Quicklock ramps apart. Ramps consist of aluminum framed stage decks and adjustable legs. Quicklock ramps offer maximum installation flexibility.

Key Features

staging 101 modular stages connectors
Removable Connection Hardware.

Connection hardware is included with each stage platform.
Platforms include connection hardware for creating both level stages as well as tiered choral risers and stepped stages.

staging 101 stage platform frames
Continuous Tubular Frame Construction.

Our stage panels feature a strong continuous steel frame construction and a 19mm premium plywood top.

modular stages panels
Easy to Handle Frames.

Our frame is sturdy and more comfortable to pick up & install.
Our panels provide 1.5 inches of hand support.

folding stage leg detail
Adjustable Legs.

Stage panels feature built-in height adjustable stage legs. Either 40cm or 60cm high, or 60cm and 80cm high.

Includes a safety locking pin.

staging 101 modular stages connectors
Thickness of Panels.

Individual panels measure 2″ thick when the legs are collapsed.
The top surface of each panel is made of 3/4″ premium plywood.

See our quick demonstration video here.

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