Road Ready Cases Product Features:

The open road is a test, and your case better be able to handle whatever the streets throw your way. That’s why our cases are packed with rugged Road Ready features. Think of them as your insurance policy against road rash.

Built for the long haul and 100% Road Ready!

road ready cases heavy duty latches

Industrial Latches:
Recessed chrome, bi-position butterfly latches. Industrial grade, with ten rivet anchor construction. These puppies are built like a safe!

road ready cases heavy duty hinges

Industrial Hinges:
“Quick-Fit” industrial hinges allow easy removal, while providing secure latching. Quick and easy – the way it should be!

road ready cases heavy duty casters

Heavy Duty Casters:
3-1/2″ heavy duty casters with integral locking brake to give your back a break!

road ready cases low profile wheels

Low Profile Wheels:
Sleek, stealthy low profile wheels for the ultimate in mobility. Take it off-roading if your heart so desires.

road ready cases industrial rivets

Industrial Rivets:
Double anchor industrial rivets secure all Road Ready hardware for maximum durability. Bring on the abuse!

road ready cases rear access doors

Removable Rear Access Panels:
Latchable hinged door at the rear of the case so you can access your gear for convenient connections. Definitely a secret passage worth exploring.

road ready cases cable ports

Cable Ports:
Unique ports with protective back plate for convenient routing of cables through the rear of the case when in use, and protection of the interior to keep your connections and wiring secure when not in use.

road ready cases heavy duty rubber feet

 Rubber Feet:
Industrial grade rubber feet attached with heavy-duty bolts and recessed t-nuts. Because the bottom of your case has to deal with road rash.

Front Access Panels:
Front panel design with removable face plate. Designed to provide hassle-free access to your front mixer controls and headphone jacks. Because you don’t have time to waste.

road ready cases industrial ball corners

Ball Corners:
Beefy, stackable chrome ball corners with a 3-prong, 6 rivet industrial anchor design provide protection against the heaviest abuse!

Spring-Loaded Handles:
Recessed chrome, spring-loaded handles are retractable, so they stay out of your way. Heavy duty rubber grip to prevent white knuckles and blisters when dealing with the heaviest loads.

Case Construction:
Rugged premium 3/8″ vinyl laminated plywood with tongue-and-groove fit. Structurally strong and built to resist damage. Go ahead and give it a pounding.

road case pick and fit foam lining

Pick and Fit Foam:
Pick and fit foam allows you customize your case to fit any gear under the sun. Your gear can change, your case shouldn’t.

road case shock mounts

Shock Mount Technology:
Unique integral suspension system built into the case provides unparalleled protection against the most blunt trauma. Just begging for abuse!

road case adjustable foam

Z-lock Foam:
Lock and unlock to easily customize the inner length, width and depth and height of your Road Ready case. Go ahead, upgrade to the bigger model.