Choose from silver or gold barrier stands in various styles.

Deluxe braided or plush velvet ropes in a range or colors.

Belt barriers in silver or black finishes and a range of belt options.

Retractable wall mount belt barriers with a range of belt styles.


Qstands are proud to offer a range of unique, queue management, pedestrian guidance and queue barrier systems in Australia. Reception areas, waiting areas, entrances and even cafes can sometimes get really crowded and managing these crowded places can be a difficult task. However, one such solution for controlling crowded areas is by installing or setting up rope bollards or retractable barrier posts.

We offer a large range of retractable belt barriers and high quality rope barriers allowing you to control pedestrian flow and manage queues in an orderly, clearly defined way.

Easy Assembly.

Easy assembly with no tools required!

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Retractable Belt Barriers.

An expanding barrier can assist in the control of a crowd even in the busiest situations. Regardless of whether you’re participating in an event opening, concert or a social function, a belt barrier can help you keep people in line and help ensure that the crowd continues to file past smoothly and safely.

Pole and Rope Bollards.

These queuing barriers are perfect for use in venues such as cinemas, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, retail outlets and showrooms.

Made for functional crowd control with a user friendly construction, our queue barriers are easy to set up and can be assembled without a hassle and tools!

Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barriers.

Wall mount barrier units with an extendable belt are ideal when you need a permanent, space saving barrier solution. They are suitable for cordoning off areas and dividing up almost any space including warehouses, workshops, cinemas, stores, cafés or airports.