Proflex stage accessories & hardware.

Stage Accessories

We offer a full range of stage accessories including steps, transport systems and hardware to suit your Proflex stage system.
  • Stage steps.
  • Connecting hardware.
  • Stage storage & transport.

Order replacement parts and stage accessories for your ProFlex system. You can add extra hardware for putting together your own custom ProFlex stage. It’s always wise to keep extra parts on hand to repair or replace missing parts on the go.

Stage Platforms.

Proflex stage platforms & legs constitute a base for stage, fashion show catwalks and conference podiums. Rated by a TUV certificate.

The stage platforms are based on lightweight and specially designed aluminum section.

Standard platforms come in 2mtr x 1mtr sizes but custom shapes and sizes are also available on special request. Legs secure on the underside of each stage platform. A convenient locking dial secures each leg in place.

The stage platform is a water-proof ply with an non-slip layer.

Stage Legs.

Proflex staging features unique adjustable legs that can be set up in a wide range of heights. This allows Proflex staging to be set-up on slopes and uneven terrain. Aluminium legs feature rubber feet to protect your floors. Stage legs range from as low as 15 3/4″ (50cm) all the way up to 78’1/2″ (200cm)!

One of the highest heights available in the industry!


Pro-Grade staging great for dynamic loads such as dancing or jumping. Modular, height-adjustable, telescoping leg staging system based on aluminum construction. Can be installed on flat as well as on uneven surfaces such as slopes, curbs, and hills.

Quality Construction

proflex stage underside

Constructed from high grade aluminum and birch plywood each panel is 12mm thick and has a weight capacity of up to 750kgs per sqm.

Stage Leg Connection

proflex stage corner

The stage platforms can be supported by fixed height or adjustable legs.

TUV Rated

tuv rated

TUV rated to the highest International safety standards.