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ProFlex Dual Stage Leg Clamp

ProFlex Dual Stage Leg Clamp. The ProFlex Dual Stage Leg Clamp (PFDSLC) is used to connect modules at different heights like a

ProFlex Panel to Panel Stage Clamp

ProFlex Panel to Panel Stage Clamp. ProFlex Panel-to-Panel Stage Clamps are used for securing ProFlex platforms together when building a

ProFlex Quad Stage Leg Clamp

ProFlex Quad Stage Leg Clamp. The ProFlex Qual Stage Leg Clamp (PFQSLC) is used for connection between 4 adjacent stage

ProFlex Self-Leveling Stage Panel Insert

ProFlex Self-Leveling Stage Panel Insert. ProFlex (PFSLI) self-leveling panel inserts slide into the stage panel profile anywhere the panel will

ProFlex Stage Guardrails

ProFlex Stage Guardrails. ProFlex guardrails easily attach to ProFlex stages and provide an extra safety measure for performers. They are

ProFlex Stage Leg Braces

ProFlex Stage Leg Braces. ProFlex Leg Braces are required for connecting stage legs together on ProFlex stages over 80cm tall.