Staging 101 modular stages made to be highly versatile and adaptable. They feature a modular design that allows you to easily configure and reconfigure the stage layout. To suit different performance requirements and venue sizes. The modular components can be easily combined and arranged in various configurations, providing flexibility for creating different stage shapes and sizes.

Staging 101 modular stages offer customizable height and size options. The stage legs can be set to different heights. We have a choice of 40cm to 60cm or 60cm to 80cm option. Allowing you to create stages at various elevations to suit your performance needs. Additionally, the modular design enables you to expand or reduce the size of the stage by adding or removing components, making it adaptable to different venue spaces and performance requirements.

Staging 101 modular stages built to withstand the demands of live events and performances. Constructed using high-quality materials such steel and heavy-duty plywood. Ensuring durability and structural integrity. These stages also feature sturdy frames and legs. And a platform surfaces that provide stability. And can support the weight of performers, equipment, and audience members. This durability and stability create a safe and reliable platform for performances.

Staging 101 modular stages offer a professional and polished appearance for performances or events. The modular design allows for clean and seamless integration of components. Resulting in a visually appealing stage setup. The stages can be easily enhanced with accessories such as stage skirts, stairs, ramps, and guardrails, adding to the professional appearance and enhancing the overall stage environment.

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