Intellistage transport options to facilitate the movement and storage of our portable stage systems.

Flight Cases: Flight cases are heavy-duty, protective cases designed to transport and store stage components. Intellistage offers flight cases that are custom-fit for their stage platforms. Ensuring optimal protection during transportation and providing a durable storage solution when not in use. Models: ISEC6X1X1C and ISEC6X2X1C.

Rolling Dollies: Rolling dollies or trolleys are compact platforms with wheels that allow for the easy transportation of stage components. Intellistage offers rolling dollies designed to carry specific stage components, making it convenient to move them from one location to another. Models: ISE1CB and ISE2CB.

The availability of specific transport options may depend on the Intellistage system you have or plan to purchase. It’s advisable to consult us to determine the appropriate transport options based on your specific needs and requirements.

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