Intellistage offers a range of accessories. Designed to enhance the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of the portable stage system.

Stage Guardrails: Guardrails used to provide a barrier around the edges of the stage to ensure the safety of performers and prevent accidental falls. Intellistage offers guardrails that are compatible with their stage platforms, allowing you to create a secure performance area.

Stage Skirting: Skirting to cover the exposed framework and legs of the stage. Giving it a polished and professional appearance. Intellistage pleated black stage skirts can be easily attached to the edges of the stage platforms.

Stage Stairs: Stairs provide convenient access to the stage for performers and event personnel. Intellistage offers stairs that are specifically designed to work with their stage systems, ensuring a safe and stable means of entry and exit.

Stage Ramps: Ramps provide wheelchair access to the stage. Ensuring inclusivity for all attendees and performers. Intellistage offers ramp options that are compatible with their stage platforms, allowing for easy accessibility.

Transportation and Storage Accessories: Intellistage provides accessories to facilitate the transportation and storage of our stage systems. These include storage carts, trolleys and flight cases designed to protect and transport stage components.


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