Intellistage drum risers and mobile risers elevate the drum set or performers. Providing increased height and visibility on stage. This enhanced visibility ensures that the drummer or performers can be easily seen by the audience from various angles, improving the overall stage presence and making it easier for the audience to focus on the performance.

They feature sturdy construction and materials that minimize sound transfer and vibrations. This helps to isolate the drum set from the stage floor. Reducing the impact of low-frequency vibrations and enhancing the overall clarity and definition of the drum sound.

Intellistage drum risers and mobile risers are for quick and easy setup. They feature modular designs with lightweight components that can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for specialized tools. Additionally, these risers are portable and can be easily moved to different venues or locations. Making them ideal for touring musicians or event organizers who require flexibility.

Intellistage drum risers and mobile risers offer customization options to suit various stage sizes and configurations. They are available in modular sections that can be easily combined and configured to create different shapes and sizes of risers. This flexibility allows you to adapt the riser to your specific needs. Whether it’s a small drum set or a larger performance area. You can also add additional components or extensions to expand the riser as required.

The elevated platform and enhanced visibility help to elevate the overall visual impact of the performance. This can be particularly important for live concerts, stage productions, conferences, or any event where the stage presence and visual aesthetics play a significant role.

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