We know DJ’s are serious about protecting their gear and so are we. We stock DJ Road Cases including CD coffins, CD Player Cases, Turntable Cases and Controller Cases for all the most popular gear on the market today. All our cases have to pass a rigorous 3 step QC check before they can Road Ready. Only then are they stamped with our Limited Lifetime Warranty and sent out the door. Crafting quality Road cases built for the rigors of the road; that’s what we do.

Road Ready DJ cases safeguard your DJ equipment during transport. These cases feature durable materials such as aluminum, or flight-grade plywood, providing excellent protection against impacts, vibrations, and rough handling. They are specifically engineered to withstand the demands of touring, ensuring that your gear remains secure and undamaged.

Road-ready DJ cases accommodate specific DJ equipment, including mixers, controllers, turntables, and other accessories. They feature foam inserts or adjustable padding that conforms to the shape and size of your gear, preventing any movement or shifting during transit. This customized fit ensures that your equipment stays in place and avoids potential damage caused by internal jostling.

Road-ready DJ cases easy to transport. They often include features like recessed handles, removable or retractable wheels, and stackable designs. These elements make it more convenient to move your equipment from one location to another, even when dealing with challenging terrains or crowded venues. The portability and mobility of DJ cases streamline the load-in and load-out process, saving time and energy.



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