Panel Sizes

Choose from 1mtr x 1mtr or 1trm x 2mtr stage decks.

Weight Rated

Rated to hold up to 750kg per sqm.


Our 1mtr x 2mtr decks weight only 32kgs!

Let us help you buildyour ultimate stage!
If your activity involves an audience you need an EvoStage PRO SERIES portable stage system! Ideal for schools, churches, bars, clubs, fitness instructors, community groups and more.
EvoStage PRO consists of modular aluminum framed stage panels and telescopic or fixed height stage legs. Steps, skirts, guardrails and handrails are also available.

Suitable for permanent or temporary stage installations.


Our EvoStage MKII stage platforms are constructed from lightweight aluminum extrusion and a 18mm birch plywood deck. Our stage decks are weather sealed with a black anti slip, industrial finish and rated to support up to 750kgs per sqm. Their versatility makes them perfect for creating performance spaces, catwalks for fashion shows, drum risers, tribunes or conference risers or for creating extensions to an existing, built-in stage.


Telescopic legs are used if you need your stage to be set up indoors or outdoors on uneven or sloping ground, or to easily create stage extensions.

Our EvoStage MKII legs are adjustable by the millimeter to make it easy to achieve the exact stage height you need. All legs are fitted with thick, non-marking rubber feet to protect your floors, and to aid in effective weight distribution.


Fixed height stage legs are ideal if you need a simple, plug in and go leg option. All legs are pre cut to your desired height making it easy to set up your portable stage.

Fixed height legs are sturdy, versatile, and allow for quick and easy stage installation no matter the performance or configuration. Featuring a non-marking ABS plastic feet to protect your floors.


  • 1mtr x 2mtr
  • 1mtr x 1mtr
  • 1mtr x 0.5mtr


  • 300mm to 400mm
  • 400mm to 600mm
  • 600mm to 1000mm
  • 800mm to 1400mm


  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • 600mm
  • 800mm


EvoStage 1sqm stage

1mtr x 1mtr Stage Platform

1mtr x 1mtr stage platforms. EvoStage Pro 1mtr x 1mtr portable stage platform is constructed from an ‘6061-T6’ aluminum extruded

2mtr x 1mtr Stage Platform

2mtr x 1mtr stage platforms. EvoStage Pro 2mtr x 1mtr portable stage platform is constructed from an ‘6061-T6’ aluminum extruded

Adjustable Stage Legs

EvoStage MKII Adjustable Height Legs. EvoStage adjustable legs are available in heights ranging between 400-600mm and 800-1400mm. Square telescopic legs

Fixed Stage Legs

EvoStage MKII Fixed Legs EvoStage legs are available in set heights ranging between 200mm and 800mm. Set height legs are



Adjustable Stairs Four Stage Steps

Adjustable Stairs Four Stage Steps. Construction: Aluminum and 18mm laminated plywood. Surface finish: Black industrial. Optional handrails.

Adjustable Stairs Two Stage Steps

Adjustable Stairs Two Stage Steps. Construction: Aluminum and 18mm laminated plywood. Surface finish: Black industrial. Optional handrails.

EvoPro Guardrails.

EvoPro Guardrails. Guardrails act as a visual and physical barrier, helping to ensure performers don’t fall off the edge. EvoPro

Fixed Height Steps

Fixed height steps. Construction: Steel and 18mm laminated plywood. Surface finish: Black industrial. Optional handrails.



Adjustable Stair Handrail

Adjustable Stair Handrails. Construction: Aluminum.

Deck Levelling Insert

Deck Levelling Insert. Levelling insert to keep adjacent decks on the same level on an uneven ground. We have designed

Deck to Deck Clamp

Deck to Deck Clamp. Connection clamp used to secure multiple stage panels. We have designed our stage deck series in

Deck Transport Storage Trolley

Stage Deck Transport Storage Trolley. The EvoPRO stage trolley is constructed out of high grade aluminum and holds up to
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Let us help you design a stage to suit your needs and budget. Choose from our 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m stage panels and matching legs to suit.


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EvoStage Pro