Stage Transport

Your Intellistage system was designed to be portable, so we have a range of transport and storage systems to make your life easier! Choose from our heavy-duty road cases, trolleys or caster board systems.
  • Range of stage transport and storage options.
  • Protect your stage when not in use. 
  • Compact storage.

Transport and store your portable stage

We offer a large range of portable stage transport and storage systems including protective cases, trolleys, caster boards and accessory cases.

Our stage transport and storage options are the perfect solution for moving an entire stage system as well as for storage in between shows. Available for 1mtr x 1mtr or 2mtr x 1mtr stage systems.

Heavy-duty cases on wheels feature removable covers and are designed to protect your goods when not in use, keep all components together and allow for easy movement around your venue. Our caster board system allows for simple stacking of stage panels and an accessory case to accommodate stage legs and accessories.


Protect and store your Intellistage portable stage system when not in use. We have a range or heavy-duty storage cases with removable lids. Or check out our caster kits for stacking stage panels. Steps, skirts and other accessories can be stored in our range or accessory cases. Our cases and trolleys are perfect for both moving an entire stage system for show purposes as well as storage between shows.


portable stage trolleys

We have a choice for trolleys to suit stage platforms, guardrails and accessories.

Heavy-duty Casters

wheels for mobile stage frame

Our stage transport cases and trolleys feature heavy-duty 3 1/2″ caster wheels. Wheels with brakes can be locked when case is stationary.

Compact Storage

Intellistage Stage Storage

Intellistage is also ultra compact to store. You can store whole stage in a 1sqm foot print.

Intellistage offers several options for stage storage, including:

Stage Carts:

Intellistage offers carts specifically designed to hold their stage platforms. These carts are designed to be compact and easy to maneuver, making it easy to transport stages between venues.

Dolly Systems:

Intellistage also offers dolly systems that can be used to transport stages. These systems feature sturdy, locking casters and can be used to transport multiple platforms at once.

Road Cases:

For those who need to transport their stages over longer distances, Intellistage offers road cases. These cases are made from heavy-duty materials and are designed to protect stages during transport or when not in use.

Storage Trolleys:

Intellistage also offers storage trolleys that can be used to hold stage platforms when they are not in use. These are designed to be space-efficient and can be used to store multiple platforms at once.

Intellistage’s stage storage solutions are designed to be durable, space-efficient, and easy to use. They can be a valuable investment for event organizers who need to transport and store their stages on a regular basis.

What sizes portable stage packages are available?

Intellistage packages are available from 1sqm! All stage platform and legs are modular so you can create basically any size stage system. 1sqm panels are better suited to smaller stages with one person setup. 2sqm stages suit larger stage sizes but require two people for handling.

What sizes stage platforms are available?

IntelliStage platforms are available in 1mtr × 1mtr and 2mtr ×1mtr. Steps, triangles and quarter round platforms are also available.

How much weight can an Intellistage platform support?

IntelliStage platforms are capable of supporting 757 kg. / 1 sq. m. and 157 lbs. / 1 sq. ft. (Expo certificate for 757 kg / 1 sq. m). The total weight load a platform can support ultimately depends on the platforms overall size.