Order replacement parts and accessories for your Intellistage portable stage system.

Stage Accessories

We also offer a full range of stage accessories like skirts, spare parts, storage and transportation systems, guardrails and more.
  • Replace missing or damaged parts.
  • Update your stage with skirts and chair stops.
  • Add additional guardrails.


Our stage accessories include; steps, skirts, guardrails, chair-stops, spare parts and more!

Steps allow easy and safe access to your portable stage. Our pleated black skirts add that finishing touch to your stage and give it a professional look.

Stage Step Packages

Stage Skirts

Stage Accessories

intellistage parts kit

Intellistage Spare Parts Kit


  Learn more about Intellistage Stage Systems. How tall are Intellistage risers and what is the maximum safe stage height

Guardrails and Chair Stops


Fast, easy set-up by 1 person. 1mtr x 1mtr stage platforms are 13kg each and can be setup by one person. 2mtr x 1mtr platforms are 30kg each and require two people for handling.

Built-in Joiners

Intellistage Joiners

Our stage panels lock together using an integrated platform interlocking system.

These joiners are built-in to two sides of each stage panel and all for fast and easy connection of multiple panels. Our unique locking jaws tighten to expand into the corresponding stage panel for a safe and secure connection.

Stage Leg Connection

Intellistage Corner Locks

Intellistage platforms feature a built-in locking mechanism on each corner of the stage panel.

Simply place the stage panel on top of your stage riser and turn the Allen key for a secure connection to the legs.

Compact Storage

stage transport

Intellistage is also ultra compact to store. You can store whole stage in a 1sqm foot print.

It is even compact enough to fit in many cars for easy transportation.

The good news is that as your needs change, so can your stage system.

The beauty of Intellistage is that it is completely modular so you can change the size, shape or height of your stage as needed. (To create some configurations it may be necessary to add new components to your existing stage). We also offer a full range of accessories like stage skirts, storage systems, stage backdrops, choral risers, seated risers, guardrails, mobile stage kits, ramps and stairs.