If your activity involves an audience you need an EvoStage portable stage system! Ideal for schools, churches, bars, clubs, fitness instructors, community groups and more.

evostage standard portable stage

Portable Stages

Configure these lightweight EvoStage aluminium stage panels to create sturdy risers or a seamless stage system. EvoStage platforms come standard in 1mtr x 1mtr and 2mtr x 1mtr modules. Platforms feature a heavy-duty, weather-resistant, anti-slip finish that makes them suitable for use across the event industry.

Easy and fast assembly.
Indoor or outdoor use.
Height adjustable.
On-board leg storage.


Evostage Key Features

evostage stage platforms
Stage Decks.

Industrial finish aluminium framed stage platforms are very easy to clean and maintain! Our stage platforms can support up to 750kg per sqm.

Modular stage platforms feature a quick-lock clamp for easy and secure connection of the stage legs.

Sizes: 1mtr x 0.5mtr, 1mtr x 1mtr & 1mtr x 2mtr.

evostage portable stage legs
Stage Legs.

Our stage legs are available in a range of height settings. Legs feature adjustable rubber feet for a level and stable surface.

All standard legs feature 360 degree adjustable swivel feet for use outdoors or fine leveling.

evostage portable stage smartlocks

Unique SmartLock panel connection clamps are built in to the stage panels for fast and easy connection.

No more crawling around on the floor to secure your stage panels!

Using the supplied Allen key it is a quick half turn and that’s it! SmartLocks also align and level the stage panels for a seamless surface.

stage leg storage
Leg Storage.

Unique on-board leg storage on the underside of each platform reducing the storage footprint and eliminating the need for additional storage cases.

Each stage panel includes clips to accommodate four stage legs.

Evostage pleated black stage skirts

To compliment any stage, you need stage accessories.

We offer a range of stage steps, stage skirting, guardrails and more.

Our stages will also work perfectly for portable stages, drum risers, speaker platforms, DJ’s, seating risers and much more.

Portable Stage Packs

Stage Platforms

Drum Risers

Adjustable Stage Legs

Fixed Height Stage Legs with Levelling

Fixed Height Stage Legs

Skirts & Accessories

Evostage Easy Assembly!

Our EvoStage systems can be quickly and easily assembled by one or two people.


Flip your stage panel over and remove the legs from the leg storage clips.

stage leg storage


Fit the stage legs to each corner of the stage deck and secure with the locking lever.

evostage stage platform with legs


Adjust the stage legs to the desired height and make any levelling adjustments if necessary.

evostage legs feature levelling adjustment.


Align stage platforms and secure together with the SmartLock mechanism.

evostage assembly


Continue adding stage panels as required. The built-in SmartLocks allow you to quickly connect additional panels.

Evostage stage panel setup


Secure any steps, skirts, guardrails or accessories.

Go ahead and take the stage!

evostage package with stairs

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Fast and easy setup!

Configure the aluminium stage deck to create sturdy risers or a seamless stage system. Stage legs are offered in a range of height settings and adjustable rubber feet ensure a level and stable surface.

Featuring our unique Smartlock built in panel connectors for fast and easy setup.

Smartlock panel connection.

Unique SmartLock panel-to-panel locking mechanisms for fast and easy setup. No more crawling under the stage to attach connecting clamps!

Each 2mtr x 1mtr stage platform comes standard with 3 Smartlock locks built into the frame for quick connection of multiple stages to one another and uses no pins or loose parts for connecting. 1mtr x 1mtr stage panels have 2 Smartlocks.

Under-panel leg storage.

EvoStage legs are stored on the underside of each platform reducing the storage footprint and eliminating the need for additional storage cases.

On-board stage leg brackets cut down on transport and storage space.

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