We have a full range of portable seated choir risers available to fit your needs and budget

staging 101 seated risers

Choir Risers

Our seated choir risers made with levels that are deep enough for chairs. This tiered seating system is for concerts where performers will remain seated.

  • Straight Seated Risers
  • Wedged Risers.

Seating Risers

We have a full range of portable seating choir risers available to fit your needs and budget. All of our choir risers are sold in modular sections and can be easily attached to one another to form custom configurations, such as horseshoes or arc shapes. We also offer a full range of optional accessories including chair stops, trolleys and guardrails.
staging 101 stage platform frames
Quality Construction

Our choral riser panels feature a strong continuous tubular frame construction that produces a seamless support structure.

staging 101 stage platform industrial finish
No-trip design

And our platform surface has a seamless, smooth, no-trip design with dancers and performers in mind.

stage trolley
Compact Storage

Our choral riser panels may be stacked on our optional trolley for ease of storage and transport.


Seated Choir Riser Styles:

Choose from 2 Tier, 3 Tier or 4 Tier options and create the size to accommodate your choir members. Our risers consist of separate riser panels in 20cm, 40cm, 60cm or 80cm heights. They are available in a carpet or industrial finish and with or without a rear guardrail option.

Weight capacity: Each panel can hold weight up 1170 kgs per sqm. Available in straight and wedged configurations.


By using seated choir risers, performers are in elevated rows, which improves visibility for both the audience and the conductor. This tier seating ensures that the audience can see all the choir members clearly, even those positioned at the back rows.

Choir Riser Placement:

Seating risers are particularly useful in optimizing space within performance venues. By utilizing vertical space, the risers enable you to accommodate a larger number of performers within a smaller footprint. This can be beneficial for venues with limited stage area.

Choir Riser Assembly

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Example: (2) Connected 4 tier risers.

Easily connect multiple risers.

Quickly and easily add additional riser panels to suit your choir. Multiple tiered risers may be connected using our simple connection brackets.
2 tier riser

8 to 12 Chairs

3 tier riser

12 to 16 Chairs

standing choir risers

16 to 20 Chairs

*How we calculate the capacity of people on the riser. The first capacity is calculated with 45cm width of space per person. And no people seated on the ground in the first row. The second capacity includes the first row of people seated on the ground. (using straight riser panels)