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Staging 101
Choir Risers

Portable choral risers and seated risers to fit your needs and budget.

  • Standing Choir Risers

  • Seated Choir Risers

  • Mobile Folding Choir Risers

About our Choral Risers

Quickly and easily add additional riser panels to suit your choir. Multiple risers may be connected using our simple connection brackets. We also offer a full range of optional accessories including chair stops, trolleys and guard rails.
staging 101 stage platform frames
Quality Construction

Our panels feature a strong continuous tubular frame construction that produces a seamless support structure.

staging 101 stage platform industrial finish
No-trip design

Our platform surface has a seamless, smooth, no-trip design with dancers and performers in mind.

stacked choir riser panels
Compact Storage

Our choral riser panels may be stacked flat or on our optional trolley for ease of storage and transport.


All of our choral risers and seated risers are sold in modular sections and can be easily attached to one another to form custom configurations such as horseshoes or arc shapes.
staging 101 choir risers

Standing Choir Risers

You can also choose from 2, 3 or 4 tiers risers in straight or wedged panels.

mobile folding choir risers

Mobile Choir Risers

Mobile Folding Choir Risers. Fast and easy setup by one person!

staging 101 seated risers

Seated Choir Risers

Seated Risers to accommodate chairs. Choice of 2, 3 or 4 tiers with optional rear and side rails.


Our standing choral risers are similar to the tiered seated risers, but their levels aren’t as deep 6’ x 18” (1.8mtr x 0.45mtr). They provide enough room for choir members to stand during choir performances. You can also choose from heavy-duty carpeted or Industrial Finish, tapered or straight.

You can also choose from 2, 3 or 4 tier choir stands and create the length to suit your number of choir members.


Seated Choir Risers with tiered levels that are deep enough for chairs. Seated choir risers are for group concerts and other performances where the performers remain seated.

In addition, all Staging 101 platforms are completely modular. You can add stairs, guardrails and chair stops to any configuration. Stages can be setup by two or more people, and when not in use they store compact on one of our transport trolleys.


Mobile folding choral risers made of high-quality plywood and steel. Our risers feature a 5-year warranty. These choral risers roll easily from place to place and can be set-up by one person. When you’re done you can fold them up and roll them away for easy storage. Multiple risers section can easily connect to form the configuration you need.

Choral risers are 6’ x 18” (1.8mtr x 0.45mtr). Staging 101 choir risers are unique as straight and wedged sections can join together. Also, you can form different configurations (many competitor’s risers do not have this option).

Standing Choir Risers Demo

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