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Black Barrier Stands Back in stock!

barrier stand retractable 2mtr belt with details

Black barrier stands back in stock!


Our black barrier stands are back in stock. Featuring a 2mtr black belt that will stretch up to 2mtrs!

What is the purpose of a bollard?

Bollards offer an effective solution to managing queues and directing customers. They help facilitate a smooth and organized staff-to-client interaction process.

Where can a bollard be used?

Queuing barriers are perfect for use in venues such as cinemas, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and showrooms.
Whether you’re involved in an event, concert or a social function, a bollard can help you keep people in line. Bollards can assist to maintain social distancing measures. Bollards provide a physical separation between customers, staff or between workers.

Who might use this these bollards?

Ideal for airports, exhibitions, banking, crowd control or anywhere you need a flexible queue solution. Q Stands bollards are made for functional crowd control. Queue stands are easy to setup and can be assembled easily and without tools!

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