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Crowd control barriers back in stock

Barriers back in stock!

Black and silver Retractable belt stands, gold or silver rope bollards, braided or velvet barrier ropes and wall mount barriers.



What is the purpose of a bollard?

Bollards offer an effective solution to managing queues and directing customers. They help facilitate a smooth and organized staff-to-client interaction process.

Where can a bollard be used?

Queuing barriers are perfect for use in venues such as cinemas, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and showrooms.
Whether you’re involved in an event, concert or a social function, a bollard can help you keep people in line. Bollards can assist to maintain social distancing measures. Bollards provide a physical separation between customers, staff or between workers.

Who might use this these bollards?

Ideal for airports, exhibitions, banking, crowd control or anywhere you need a flexible queue solution. Q Stands bollards are made for functional crowd control. Queue stands are easy to setup and can be assembled easily and without tools!

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